Kia Ora. My name is Peeti,


a visual communication advocate with a die-hard affection for all things satisfying to the human sensory. What wakes and keeps me up day and night is the desire to dedicate as much of my time in the everyday to find, appreciate, and to develop my own responses to eminent typographic craftsmanship, rich motion graphic sequences, through to compelling pieces of musical compositions.

And If you thought that from the above I’ve found my calling and a happy place in life — what really kicks things in overdrive is the opportunity that I have as an educator, to share my creative knowledge, mindset, and experiences with the students at two of New Zealand’s leading design schools who share and speak the same language as I do.

Fun Facts —

  • I can play more than ten musical instruments intuitively / without the presence of sheet music notation.

  • Even though I do not depend on it, I drink six cups of long black coffee per day on average.

  • Name your favourite culinary dish. Yes, I can cook it.

  • I go for an 8.7km run around my suburb 4 times a week. In a year, that is almost a direct trip from Auckland to Wellington, then back to Auckland again.

  • I once walked in five minutes late to a class I was scheduled to teach, sat down, and had a conversation with my “class mates” about how our lecturer was already running late by five minutes.